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Hi Friends,

Today is the first day of a brand New Year-2019.At the outset, I wish all my readers and followers”A Very Happy,Prosperous and Healthy New Year” .

In my last post I had promised that I will talk on exercise and diet  for controlling hypertension and diabetes. Starting today,I will be writing on what exercises are to be performed for maintaining blood pressure as well as blood sugar.

One of the best exercises I recommend to my patients is WALKING. You all must have heard the proverb”an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.Similarly ,I have coined a phrase”A GOOD WALK A DAY KEEPS THE CHOLESTEROL AND SUGAR AT BAY”

So what does a ‘good walk’ exactly mean? Walking can be casual as in a leisurely stroll or it can with a purpose,say for reducing the weight,improving your gait etc–this is your ‘good walk’. Can we measure how much we walk as well as how much we can lose weight at the same time? Yes,you can. A purposeful walk is usually a brisk one,like say,as if you are in a hurry to reach somewhere. We can measure how much we have walked by counting the steps we take.

Coming to rule No.1

 Research shows that the average distance covered by a man per step is approximately 2.5 feet and that by a woman is 2.1 feet. So,if one takes 10 steps you will be covering 25 feet or 21 feet depending on your gender. Research also shows that to 1 km you need to walk 1250 steps. Research also shows that we burn 0.04 calories per step. So,how many calories should one burn to shed off 1 kg of weight? 1 kg of weight is equivalent to 7000 calories. Based on these findings,to loose 1 kg per month,we have to walk at least 175000 steps per month that comes to approx. 5835 steps or 4.666 km per day. That way you will be losing about 235 calories per day and if you want to loose more weight, you will just have to walk more! All this calculation is based on the assumption that you weigh around 72 to 75 kg.

Having said this,I will talk on the next step in my next article.Till the,Happy Walking ! If you have any doubts,you can put it up in the ‘Leave a Comment’ section of this post.

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