OBESITY Part 2-Know Your BMI, Waist Circumference

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In this article, we are going to discuss how to define if one is obese or not.

Is there a way to a way to measure this fattiness? Yes, there are and they are as follows:-

1]Body Mass Index:-Popularly known as BMI, this is calculated by dividing your body weight by your height in square meters. 

2] Waist Circumference

3] Basal Metabolic Rate

4]Body Fat Measurement.

I would like you to know how to calculate your ideal body weight first. There is a simple formula to do this:-

A] Men:- 52+ 1.9 kg per inch over 5 feet.

[For eg., if you are 5 feet 6 inches, your ideal body weight will be 52+ 1.9 x 6= 63.4 kg]

B] Women:- 49+ 1.7 kg per inch over 5 feet.

Having specified the methods, now let us analyze them one by one.

1] Your BMI:-In the Western countries, where climatic conditions and eating habits are different, the Body Mass Index values to differentiate Normal To Obese are as follows{as shown in the picture below}:-

a]Normal-below 25kg/sq.mtr.

b]Underweight:-below 18kg/sq.mtr.

c]Overweight[Grade 1]:-25.00 to 29.9kg/sq.mtr.

d]Overweight [Grade 2]:-30.0 to 39.9 kg/sq.mtr.

e]Overweight [Grade 3]:- above 40 kg/sq.mtr.[this is also called morbid obesity]

In India, this definition of BMI is slightly different, as shown below:-

a]Underweight:- Below 18 kg/sq.mtr.

b]Normal :- 18.0 to 22.9 kg/sq.mtr.

c]Overweight:- 23 to 24.9 kg/sq.mtr.

d]Obese :- above 25 kg/sq.mtr.

In India, we will be looking to treat those having a BMI above 23.0 kg/sq.mtr. These people are not necessarily fat. They have central obesity. Meaning that their girth around the trunk is more. Some researchers call an obese Indian a thin fat man.

2] Your Waist Circumference:- A simpler way to know if you are overweight/obese is to measure your waist circumference. Do this by measuring the circumference of the trunk just above the naval button.

The table below shows the different categories of individuals based on waist circumference.

Table 1



Waist size ⇒ Normal range Overweight Obese
Men 90 cm 90- 99 cm >100 cm
Women 80 cm 80-89 cm >90 cm

Having said this, I will discuss BMR and Body Fat Measurement in my next post.

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